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their preseason with a thud. dave roth joins us live to break it down. the duel in the desert. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. >> it's 7:00 on this friday morning. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we will have more on hurricane earl in just a moment. first, a big day ahead here on fox 5 morning news. a big day in the race to d.c. mayor. the two leading candidates, mayor fenty and vincent gray will square off in another debate right here in our studios this morning. the debate gets under way at 9:00 right here on fox 5 morning news. you can watch it from work. we will stream it live on all is a are on earl. maximum winds over 100 miles per hour. carolina is feeling the brunt of the storm. the winds are pickinon the
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shore in maryland. >> let's head over to tucker barnes. he has the latest on earl and what we can expect here, too. >> good morning. losing steam, earl is, but still a major storm as it pushes to the north and east. category 2. gusts to about 115. let's show it to you. it continues to track to the north, northeast about 18 miles per hour. here is the good news. the eye of the hurricane never crossed any land areas. the worst is out to see. you can see the cloud covers and the rain showers pushing back on coastal communities. impressive sight here. it will generally be out of here by later this afternoon. after a cloudy start in washington, we should have sunshine this afternoon, partly sunny and highs about 90. let's go to hd radar. i mentioned showers close to town. ocean city is getting rain and across the bay, east of
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richmond, fredricksburg light sprinkles and southern maryland. can't rule out the possibility of bands of showers moving in during the morning hours. then as earl continues to push out to sea, it will quiet down here. temperatures, we are warm. 78 degrees. winds are out of the north and east at 6 miles per hour. our forecast after some early clouds, sunshine this afternoon. i mentioned the possibility of rain showers south and east. high temperature 91. the winds will be breezy out of the north at 10 to 15 miles per hour. a lot more on earl a. closer look at the beaches coming up in a couple of minutes. this morning we are continuing to be monitoring the conditions on the eastern shore. >> hurricane earl is impacting the coastline and wind gusts are picking up in ocean city. let's head over to ocean city. we find sherri ly. >> reporter: down the boardwalk, we have emergency
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officials. there are people out here walking around. they want to make sure that nobody gets themselves into trouble out here. if you want to take a look at the beach. >> i'm surprised to see this but they have the groomers on the beach this morning. they are making their way down here. not too many people on the beach. we have seen a few people coming down to check out the surf. nobody going in the water. take a look at those waves. we have some huge waves crashing. what surprised me is how large the waves are coming in as well as way offshore. we did not see those breaks way, way off in the distance. hurricane earl is expected to pass about 150 miles off the shore here from ocean city, maryland. we are feeling the wind gusts picking up 35 to 40 miles per hour as far as the gusts are concerned. they expect to it get up to 50, 55 miles per hour. we have seen a number of people who are coming out here to take
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a look at things. so far people are staying out of trouble. that's the thing that they are worried about. >> people don't take into account -- they think it's manageable then they find themselves in a position where it's not. >> reporter: now, as hurricane earl has weakened over the past day, a lot of people have become a bit complacent. some of the businesses here have decided to close today. others are staying open. there was a gentleman open for breakfast, came out with coffee for us. right now we are not feeling a lot of the hard core conditions from hurricane earl. of course the brunt of that storm is a little ways off. we are told it should be between 10:00 and noon when we are really going to get pounded. we have to let you know how that is as it comes here. that's the latest in ocean
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city. back to you, allison. >> thank you, sherry. much more ahead on hurricane earl this morning. in a few minutes, we will go to north carolina where earl is battering the coast this morning. you can get the latest on earl 24-7 by going to my fox you can download our app for your blackberry, iphone or droid. let's get the latest on the commute from julie wright. >> we have been busy, especially i-95. we had a crash in place all morning long in newington. that accident activity finally cleared up. i believe the chopper is still with us. southbound on i-95 the accident activity near newington has cleared. all lanes are open past the accident scene. in the backup, that's where we have the stalled car. the stalled car is tying up the center of the road. i don't think we have the picture from sky fox. yeah we do. okay. >> the delays begin at the
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capital beltway. southbound on i-95 it's the center of the road that is closed at this point. i think our disabled vehicle is turning into a multivehicle accident. looks like that will tie up the center of the road. i can see three cars with their hazard lights on in the center of the road south of 644 leaving the beltway. delays from 495 down to newington in springfield. back inside and we will update the ride elsewhere. south 270, lanes are open but the pace is slowing. more slow traffic at the beltway. 395 is looking good. no problems crossing the potomac to the southeast freeway. that's a check of the fox 5 traffic. >> thanks. the other big story, we are learning more about the accused discovery channel gunman. >> police are trying to figure out what happened in the last hour of james lee's life.
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audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: the discovery building will be closed until tuesday. the good news is, it has been cleared of all bombs. even so, the investigation into the man behind the ordeal continues this morning. montgomery county investigators yesterday spent all day searching the last known address of suspect james lee. it was a house in wheaton. they went over that place from top to bottom, the attic to the basement turning over everything they could. what they turned up inside were more explosives. it's the kind of incident police train for and ironically, montgomery county just had an exercise with a very similar scenario. >> four additional devices of which we can tie the individual to right now were obtained from the residence and subsequently successfully detonated. the investigators continue to
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look for a vehicle that was owned and/or operated by the individual. >> so, we were concerned about him having radio control switch to an explosive. we watched him take a pin out of the switch then put it back in a couple of times. >> as decisions as one can possible -- tens as one can -- tense as one can possibly imagine. you train for the worse, you hope it never occurs. >> reporter: so, of course, that training exercise that montgomery county fire and rescue just had was excellent timing on their part. all three hostages and some 1500 employees walked out of that building unhurt. back to you. >> thank you. in his writings, james lee claimed his views on the environment were heavily influenced on this book by daniel quinn. he said lee misinterpreted his
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message about food production and controlling population growth. he said if he had a chance to talk to lee, he would have told him that lee was giving his ideas a bad name. coming up next on fox 5 morning news a fire at another oil rig in the gulf of mexico. this time, though, there is good news. we are checking that when we look at headlines next. 
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we continue the big story this morning, hurricane earl. >> the category 2 storm is hitting the north carolina shore hard at this moment. craig boswell joins us live from nation head. good morning. what -- nag's head. good morning. what is happening. >> reporter: good morning. hurricane earl grazing across nags head, north carolina. still getting tropical storm force winds, occasionally gusting up to hurricane strength. certainly putting a crump in holiday weekend plans for a number of people. >> it's serious. it's a serious hurricane. it can get real dangerous in a hurry. why take a chance. >> reporter: many people along the east coast have been running away from earl. >> we have been working hard, want to have a vacation, we brought all this money and now we are trying to spend it all as fast as we can. we know he is coming. >> hurricane force winds 75 to
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90 miles. tropical storm force winds further out. so, we do think that the outer banks will experience in some places, hurricane force winds. >> reporter: fema set up shop on fort bragg thursday. national guard troops are ready to go took. there is a limit what they can do. >> as soon as we look at a thunder cell going up to 40, 50,000 feet, discharging rain and high winds, that's an area we can't go into. >> reporter: some vacationers are bitter. >> we are leaving early, disappointing. >> i was crying but you get over it and move on. >> reporter: those forced to stay have their priorities in order. >> i stocked up on chocolate. >> reporter: staying put is a priority right now. even though it's just kind of grazing by the outer banks, it
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seems like a relentless storm. we have been out here seven hours or so checking this thing out. now that we are beginning to get die light, we can get out and see if there is any damage. we are getting reports of some flooding. a couple of feet of water around hatteras village. the evacuations were well thought out because they did evacuate not just the visitors but the residents of hatteras island. that's where the water is coming in. we will get from the sound some of that water. that's the story now. >> trying to deal with it the best you can. we will see craig later. we have other big stories that we are following today. we will get to those in a minute. first we will check in with tucker. i guess it's getting better. >> definitely. slow improvement. the storm is pushing to the north and east. you will notice that on the satellite/radar. the intensity is a lot less than yesterday. it's losing steam. wind gusts up to 70 miles per
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hour in cape hatteras this morning. i was checking the buoys, wave heights 23 to 25 feet. still very powerful storm. out to the west we have a cold front. that is a big player in our weekend forecast. that will clear to the coast later this afternoon and tonight and give us a beautiful weekend. all right. let's focus first on earl and we will take a closer look. category 2 hurricane pushing to the north, northeast about 18 miles per hour. a glancing blow to the coastal communities but nevertheless winds are approaching 70 miles per hour on cape hatteras this morning. the worst is yet to comfort lower eastern shore. their winds will approach 40 to 50 miles per hour in some spots during the next couple of hours. you can see the storm pushing to the north and east losing some of its signature hurricane bands as it's pushing out to the north here. so, we are not done with it yet. we will be later this afternoon as we get clearing. actually around here, closer to town in the washington area,
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sunshine this afternoon with highs about 90 or so. looking at recent wind gusts, not impressive in town. off to the south and east, ocean city, their most recent 26 miles per hour. it's picking up. a big band of rain is going to be moving inland and they will be getting rain the next hour or so. our temperatures are warm. 78 at reagan. 74 dulles. bwi marshall 76 degrees. the five-day forecast, look at this weekend. it will be beautiful around here. high temperatures each afternoon in the low 80s. low humidity and lots of bright sunshine saturday, sunday and labor day. we have to get earl out of here then better this afternoon. >> we shouldn't feel any real effects of what is happening from earl, should we, as far as rain in the d.c. metro area. >> bands of rain off to the south and east. i will show it to you on hd radar. breezy conditions and the clouds associated with earl. >> thank you so much. let's check in with julie
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wright and the roads. >> it's busy on 95. this, of course, is one of the heavily traveled areas that we will find later on today. right now it's jammed up as you continue south of the beltway down to a point south of 644. this is the accident activity tying up the center of the roadway. three vehicles involved in this fender bender in the backup extending to newington that was cleared. the activity focused south of 644 with the center of the roadway blocked. north 95 traffic slows out of woodbridge heading north. eastbound 66 slow traffic after nutley heading to the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> julie, thanks. some of the big stories we are following include bp engineers who have removed the temporary cap from the ruptured well in the gulf. no oil leaked out but skimmer ships were standing by in case.
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they removed the cap so the government can examine it to figure out who is to blame. engineers are replacing the cap with a new one and they will pump cement in the bottom of the ruptured well when relief well is finished. there is another oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana. more than a dozen oil workers were rescued after they jumped into the water. this oil platform is in shallow water off the louisiana coast, about 200 miles away from the bp leak. it burst into flames yesterday. they say there is no oil leaking but they are keeping a close eye on the situation to see if there is any oil sheen. the d.c.'s mayor's race is heading into the final lap. >> we will be hosting a debate between the two two democratic candidates this morning. >> reporter: you know when you watch a horse race and they make the final turn and you hear the announcer say and down the stretch they come, that's
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what we are seeing with the mayoral race. it may be a photo finish. both mayor adrian fenty and vincent gray are fine tuning their messages, honing the campaign strategies. the latest poll shows the mayor is trailing vincent gray but it shows that d.c. residents are happy with the job that adrian fenty has done. the problem in the fenty camp appears to be that they like what they have done but d.c. residents are having a hard time liking him. >> vincent gray and some of his supporters are creating a characature of fenty because fenty has reinforced it. he hasn't been warm and fuzzy, the type of guy that spends time dealing with the process needs and issues of the constituents. he tried to create new programs or reshape the administration
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or pull the schools together that do have an impact on people's lives but people want more from a leader. >> reporter: so, the like ability factor will be one of the topics of discussion in our debate this morning. the candidates will be answering questions, some of which you sent in. we thank you or viewers for sending in questions. hopefully you will get your answer this morning. we will have a panel asking questions. on the panel allison and gurvir. steve, you will be moderating the debate this morning. it will last one hour and each candidate gets a chance to give an opening statement and closing statement. in between there will be questions and each candidate gets the same amount of time to answer questions and the same amount of time for their rebutt taliban. it will go from 9:00 to 10:00 and we will get in as many questions as we can. you can watch the debate on channel 5 or online. our web department is hard at
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work. we will be streaming the debate live from 9:00 to 10:00 as well. >> just about an hour and a halfway. we will start that debate at 9:00. coming up, we will break down the redskins duel in the desert as they wrap up the preseason. >> hurricane earl is on track to impact the beaches at the start of a labor day weekend. !% i love my curves.
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the redskins wrapped up the preseason with a loss. they fell to the cardinals 20- 10. it doesn't mean much because most of the starters didn't play. albert haynesworth played. he started the game. the redskins finish the preseason with a record of 2-2. the big deal is the regular season opener. that is september 12th.
7:26 am
next sunday night at dallas. well, it's actually at home against dallas but they will be playing the cowboys nonetheless. dave ross will join us with more later. high school football game of the week, this week's winner w.t. woodson at fairfax. the game received 48% of the vote. the fox 5 sports team will cover the action from the cheerleaders, sidelines, players on the field. tune in at 5:00 this evening. friday morning. our coverage of hurricane earl continues after the break. we will go back out live and check the conditions in ocean city maryland. >> 200 virginia national guard soldiers are on standby to respond to the storm in the hampton roads area. it's not back-to-school,
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it's forward to what's next with a blackberry curve, samsung reality, or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate.
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we are continuing to track hurricane earl. this is a live picture of nags head, north carolina. calmer conditions than we have seen at other times as earl is skirting the outer banks. we will continue to keep an eye on conditions in north carolina
7:30 am
and ocean city. we will check in with sherri ly. >> tucker is joining us now. >> looks like the worst is over there. good news. we are getting heavy bands of rain offshore across the lower eastern shore. ocean city will get heavy rain. some of that is pin wheeling up to the washington area. some of our southern viewers will be getting rain and then it will get out of here and a nice looking weekend. hang in there. hd radar, a look at the local radar, the bands are pushing to the north and west. we had the outer most band move through at the 5:00 a.m. hour. you can see to the south and east of fredricksburg, southern maryland to laplata light shower activity, richmond, williamsburg and then across the bay, came bridge, ocean city. there is a good band of rain
7:31 am
associated with the outer eye wall that is trying to make its way to land. we will see if that doesn't reach the coastline. if it does, we will get good rain on the beaches in the next hour or so. hurricane earl, maximum winds 105 miles per hour. watch what happens in the last couple of frames. you can see it lifting to the north and east. that is great news. it will take the rain showers and the winds. as it continues to push off, look at the west. clearing skies that will move in later today. it will be partly sunny with our temperatures about 90. later today partial sunshine with highs about 90. let's take a look at the winds. closer look. you can see 38 miles per hour winds at last look. this is offshore with ocean city.
7:32 am
35 over here. these winds will lighten up during the morning hours as earl pulls away from the mid- atlantic. our temperatures, warm day. 78 at reagan national. 68 winchester. a very warm, very muggy start. you feel the humidity. we have a cold front that will dry us out later this afternoon. that will set us up for a fantastic weekend. 91. partly sunny skies. rain showers reaching communities to the south and east. wind 10 to 15 miles per hour. the next couple of days look fantastic. we will get earl out of here and high temperatures, saturday, sunday and monday in the low 80s. no rain on this five-day other than what we get out of earl in the next few hours. we will get an update soon from the national hurricane center. back to the desk. >> we will continue coverage of hurricane earl as strong wind
7:33 am
gusts and choppy seas continue. >> let's head out to sherri ly who is standing by in ocean city. sherry, how are you doing? >> reporter: well, allison and steve, it's starting to look ugly out here with the rain and the wind. i was talking to a woman on the boardwalk. i said it's getting ugly. she said it's not pretty. we do have people out here. if you take a look on the boardwalk, people can't help but be curious what the hurricane is doing. if you take a look at the ocean, the waves are quite impressive. there are waves breaking probably 200 feet offshore. this is an overhead view of the beach you can see from the fourth story of the hotel here. things are getting rough even though hurricane earl is expected to pass 150 miles off the coast here. we are seeing the winds pick up. take a look at a shot from our mast cam. we have the trees blowing well
7:34 am
as the winds pick up. we are seeing the gusts as tucker mentioned, upwards of 35, 40 miles per hour. they come and go. we are told that the bulk of this storm is expected to really, really pound us between 10:00 and noon here but people don't seem to be detoured by coming out here. in fact, some people said as hurricane earl weakened, they would stay and ride out the storm. >> i feel like we are far north where if there was a big hurricane coming in, larger storm coming in, you would think about it. >> reporter: people have been out here all morning long. this storm seems to have come in later than people anticipated. at first we were thinking it would come in more during the night and through the beginning part of this morning. so, we have seen a number of police out here trying to make
7:35 am
sure people stay out of trouble. the water is closed to swimming. nobody is supposed to go out in the water. the beach, however, is open. don't even think about going in the water. it's very rough out there. allison and steve. >> thanks. you can get the latest on hurricane earl by going to my fox you can download our app for your blackberry, iphone or droid. we have a alert on metro. five red line stations will be closed this entire holiday weekend so they can make safety improvements. the ntsb recommended the improvements after last year's deadly train crash. the stations closing include takoma, silver spring, for red
7:36 am
glenn, wheaton and glenmont. they will shut down at 10:00 tonight and stay closed until 5:00 tuesday morning. let's find out what is happening on friday morning and check in with julie wright. >> we will check in with her in a bit. let's look at the other top stories. montgomery county firefighters detonated four devices linked to the discovery channel gunman. they found the bombs inside james lee's home. that's on top of the other four devices he brought with him. montgomery county police say he was carrying starter pistols, not handguns as they first thought. four d.c. police officers were hurt in a crash in prince george county. officials say four off duty d.c. police officers were inside the vehicles involved in the wreck. one officer is in serious condition. the other three have nonlife- threatening or minor injuries no. word on what caused the crash. parts of miami
7:37 am
international airport were evacuated overnight. tsa screener spotted a suspicious item in the baggage area. police detained one person. they shut down four of the six concourses. the miami-dade bomb squad was called in to check out the suspicious item. between 100 and 200 people had to be evacuated. coming up next, with the computer glitch resolved, dmv offices in virginia are processing driver's licenses. now workers are facing a new challenge. that is coming up. hurricane earl is on track to impact the beaches at the start of a labor day weekend. the latest on the storm's path.  
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to virginia now. the national guard has 200 soldiers on standby ready to respond to the storms in the
7:41 am
hampton roads area. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about the mission today. what is at stake here and what is at hand for you? >> we have 200 soldiers and airmen on standby at our facilities in norfolk and hampton. they are equipped to be able to provide high water transport and light debris removal. if there is any impact from the hurricane, we will be able to go out and help the citizens in the area. >> is everybody in place or do you have to wait for assignments to figure out where to go. >> we have everybody in place at those two facilities. we started mustering wednesday night. they finished getting everything ready yesterday, fueling vehicles. we are on standby. as soon as we get the call, if we are needed, we will be ready. >> when the military moves in with issues like this, you are to yourself but can you pick up the mood down there. seems like the storm downgraded
7:42 am
itself well. what is the mood of folks making sure that they are safe in the eye of the storm. >> the soldiers that i talked to, they are anxious to be able to assist if they are needed. nobody wants to go out. they would rather have the weather pass by and no impact. i think right now everybody is in a wait and see mode. you never know. people that we have on duty served during hurricane isabel. they know what can happen if a hurricane does come in and hit. everybody is waiting to see what happens. >> we had comparisons in the talk up to this, especially when we thought the storm might move inland, a lot of came pr rei sons to isabel in 2003 p. have you pressed into duty for other storms since then or is this the first time you have ramped up to prepare. >> in terms of hurricanes, we had smaller events but in terms of other weather events, these soldiers were actually -- many of them were up in fairfax
7:43 am
county back during the winter storms. we had a lot of soldiers on duty, not doing high water rescue but using the same kind of vehicles, if you can get through the water you can get through the snow. we have a lot of experience doing these sorts of things. i think the soldiers are ready and able to help out if they can. this is water and most of our recent experience has been with snow. >> the help is appreciated. we will say that whether it's blizzards in the wintertime or this. >> let's check in with tucker and get an idea of what is happening. we saw the pictures from north carolina. looks like it passed through the southern part of the outer banks. >> racing to the northeast 18 miles per hour. it will be off the lower eastern shore here by the middle of the afternoon and we will see clearing. nice afternoon. we have to get there, first. let's get to the radar and take a look for you. we are waiting for an update
7:44 am
from the national hurricane center. you can see the eye of the storm is less distinct with every passing frame as it pushes to the north and east. a closer look, bands of heavy rain pushing west being thrown west from the ocean. we are getting a good band here that is now just to the east of ocean city area. let's push into the hd radar, a close here at that. you can see that banding taking place with the tropical system. ocean city, you will be in for it the next hour or two with heavy rain moving in. winds will likely gust down there 40, 50 miles per hour as the storm continues to lift off to the north and northeast the next couple of hours. i want to show you the track. it's well offshore, the center, 100 to 150 miles. that's good news. you can see it takes off quickly to the north and will be out of here and during the
7:45 am
day tomorrow, it will be well north of cape cod and into the canadian maritimes where it's likely to still be a hurricane. earl will stay intact as it races to the north. here is the five-day forecast, 91 this afternoon. saturday, sunday and monday feature perfect washington weather. high temperatures in the low 80s, low humidity and plenty of sunshine. good weekend to have a birthday. >> is that right. do you know someone having a birthday. >> one or two people. you can get your latest updates online. if you go to the weather page, you will find my fox hurricane and you can go there and find the latest on everything, the radar, path and everything. go to the web site. >> get a gift for tucker. dmv offices in virginia are processing driver's licenses. now they have a challenge dealing with the back log. john henrehan brings us details.
7:46 am
>> reporter: extra staff was at the dmv office in tysons corner. at one point mid-morning we counted personnel on duty at 14 of this offices 17 customer windows. >> how was your experience? >> he see. not bad p. they were helpful. >> reporter: how long did it take. >> about ten minutes. >> reporter: the computer data storage unit in richmond was working as the office opened. one customer told us and a staffer confirmed the system went down for about five minutes before coming back up and resuming normal operation. >> reporter: what transaction were you doing? >> getting my new driver's license having moved from the uk. >> reporter: how was it? >> pretty good service. only waited about 25 minutes. >> reporter: staff members told us off camera they think now that people know the dmv's computers are working, the crush of papers will come friday and saturday.
7:47 am
extra staff is being scheduled on both days. for now, the paperwork is flowing. 15-year-old xavier ryan walked out with his learner's permit. >> i will be driving for nine months then get my license and i will be on the road. >> we will see. we will see. he's not driving home, i'll tell you that much. >> reporter: john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> all dmv offices will stay open until 6:00 tonight to deal with the backlog. three northern virginia offices will extend their offices tomorrow. pepco heard for from frustrated customers last night. another public hearing, this time in largo recent cher storms left thousands without power. some of those outages lasted days or weeks. customers say it's about time that something changed. >> now, this has been going on
7:48 am
for so long now that i had pepco's number on speed dial on my cell phone because i know the power will go out. >> pepco continues to emphasize it did all it could to restore power as quickly as possible but has acknowledged changes need to be made. a local college student is in jail accused of robbing a maryland bank. the girl's family said she did not act alone. they say jenna baker was pressured into committing the crime. maureen umeh has more. >> she is a smart girl. >> reporter: a smart girl that made a bad decision her family says to help her boyfriend rob this jefferson maryland bank tuesday. >> i have never known her to cause trouble. >> reporter: police say anthony young junior jumped over a
7:49 am
counter, hit a male teller on the head then ran out through this cemetery with the cash. police say 18-year-old jenna baker drove the getaway car. >> i don't know whether he threatened her but it wasn't my sister. that wasn't who we all know. >> reporter: tips lead investigators to westminister. they found some of the stolen cash inside a microwave in young's hotel room. they used some of the money to buy a video game system, clothes, a printer and school books. >> i guess if you need it, that's what you will buy. >> reporter: baker was a student at nearby mcdaniel college studenting accounting. her family said she is seven months pregnant. they say she was struggling to make something of herself but her relationship with young set her back. they say bake erie sently used money for her school books to
7:50 am
bail young out of jail. >> he told her that he would pay her back one way or another. i'm guessing that's how he did it. >> reporter: baker was arrested outside her dorm. young at a hotel. a young girl whose once bright future now seems anything but. >> love makes you do crazy things. >> baker and young are charged with numerous crimes and so spend many years in prison. baker's sister hopes to get custody of the baby after it's born. it's a big day ahead on fox 5 news. adrian fenty and vincent gray will square off in another debate, this one here in our fox 5 studio. the debate gets under way at 9:00 this morning. we will not only air it on fox 5 but stream it online on coming up next on fox 5 morning news, the redskins wrapped up their preseason with a thud. 
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it's just the preseason. not so great but it's just the preseason. >> dave ross joins us to talk about the game. allison called it the duel in the desert. i call it a dud. >> 29 guys did not suit up.
7:54 am
one guy did and he played the entire night. you know who that was. >> albert haynesworth. >> earning some of that $100 million. i don't think he gave his full effort. let's put it that way. seems like to me there is still issues between big al and head coach mike shanahan. for him to be out there in the fourth quarter of a meaningless game, there is a disconnect. >> that's president punishment. >> it was funny. i watched every play and watched what he did. a couple times he put his hands up and that's it. >> how is he going to play four quarters. >> that's the million dollar question. brandon banks, this guy i think is the type of guy that can make a football team because he can do things like this. watch the resers, back to the
7:55 am
outside -- reverse, back to the outside. 40 yards. that's what you love about him. i'm excited. i was going to get on my facebook and say this is why needs to get on the team. then the next play he does this. when you are a marginal player, you can't do that. it's a numbers game. if they keep five receivers i don't think he will make the squad. if they keep six he could be the sixth guy. terrence austin cemented his spot in the roster and anthony armstrong will be there as well with santana moss and devin thomas and joey galloway. we don't encourage gambling but it's always interesting to see what the wise guys out in vegas have to say. that's why they are wise guys. the redskins are a 30-1 shot to win the super bowl. >> that's not bad. >> you are throwing away your
7:56 am
money. >> tony perkins will probably take them up on that. to win the nfc title, 14-1. 5-1 to win the division. and over/under wins 7 1/2. over under big al does he play in 13 1/2 games. that's a huge number. >> after four quarters last night, he has to take a few weeks off. >> that doesn't count to the 13 1/2. you know the best thing about preseason over? it's dallas week. >> do you get hate mail, mr. dallas. >> what are you talking to. >> do you like starting the season with dallas. >> i do. what better way to usher in the mcshan that an era. if you don't like the rivalry, you don't like pro football. it will be a great sunday
7:57 am
night. >> thank you, dave. >> i can't believe you watched the whole game. >> i did. four minutes before 8:00 on this friday morning a. new documentary out claiming that sir paul mccartney died in 1966. that was the big rumor. is there more to it? it claims there is tape recorded evidence from fellow beatle george harrison proving that this happened. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
hurricane earl is coming up the east coast. it's on track time pact the beaches in our area at the start of the this long holiday weekend. we have team coverage just glgd the latest on the investigation into the discovery building
8:01 am
investigation. police searched the home of the suspected gunman, james lee. new information and insight painting a picture of lee's personality and we will take a closer look. >> let's say good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. first a big day ahead on fox morning news. a big day in the race to d.c. mayor. the two leading candidates, mayor fenty and vincent gray will square off in another debate in our studios. it gets under way at 9:00 on fox 5 morning news. first, all eyes are on earl this morning as the hurricane is a category 2 hurricane. it has been downgraded a bit. maximum winds are over 100 miles per hour. this is the scene in nags head, north carolina, where they are seeing some flooding. no injuries have been reported. the carolinas are continuing to feel the brunt of the storm.
8:02 am
winds are starting to pick up along the shore in maryland. >> a minute after the hour. let's get the latest on earl's track and our local weather. a big weekend, labor day and tucker is in with that. >> the latest maximum winds 105 miles per hour, gusts to about 115. category 2 hurricane. it continues to race off to the northeast about 18 miles per hour. still a very impressive site on the satellite and radar even though it has weakened some. you can see the bands of rain being thrown back to the washington area. heaviest rain to the south and east. shower activity not too far away. let's take a look a at the hd radar and the shower activity closer to town. nothing in washington. you don't have to get too far south in southern maryland, leonard town and southern chesapeake to find good rains east of fredricksburg. you notice to the east of ocean city, that's a really strong
8:03 am
band of rain that is trying to push its way west. we will see if ocean city doesn't get good rains and winds in the next hour or so. let's switch gears. temperature 78 degrees. humidity 66%. winds have shifted out of the north at 6 miles per hour. pressure is down as earl approaches and passes off the coast, 2.9 -- 29.8 inches. we will see sunshine this afternoon with highs about 90. wind out of the north 10 to 15 miles per hour. our forecast gets better from here. i will have more details on the weekend and a closer look at earl in a couple of minutes. >> tucker, thank you very much. we are continuing our coverage of hurricane earl with a focus on maryland. >> in ocean city, strong winds gusting and rough waters, too. cher relee is there monitoring the situation for us. what is the latest? >> allison and steve, it's interesting. we are standing here and the wind doesn't feel bad but all of a sudden we get strong
8:04 am
gusts. it will be hard to stand. so, hurricane earl is definitely being felt here. as we look up at the sky, you can see the bands coming through here. we seem to be in a lull between the bands with the rain. we are not seeing much now. it comes and goes. the waves as you mentioned, take a look out here. they are really coming in. we noticed in the last 30 minutes to an hour that we are seeing the waves come in larger, faster, more frequently and they are breaking about 200 yards offshore. if you take a look at our overhead camera, you can see the waves out there. you can see how far out the waves are breaking. the winds are picking up as well. we are seeing the gusts, 35, 40 miles per hour. take a look at the trees from the mast cam, they are blowing in the wind out here. conditions are expected to continue to deteriorate out here. even with all that being said, back on the boardwalk, you can see there are a number of people out here checking things
8:05 am
out as hurricane earl has weakened. a lot of people are simply down playing the danger. we are still here. it's not a big deal. 30, 40 miles per hour winds. it's manageable. >> it's manageable. >> while some of those folks may be down playing the danger, the conditions are definitely dangerous. the emergency officials out here will tell you as conditions get worse those winds are going to be a problem and definitely the water. we have not seen any surfers are anybody trying to get out there. the water is closed to swimming or anybody going out there. we have seen the beach patrol back and forth trying to make sure that people stay out of trouble. people out here on the boardwalk checking things out but conditions will continue to get worse here at ocean city. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you. much more ahead on hurricane earl this morning n. a few minutes, we will go to north
8:06 am
carolina where earl is battering the coast this morning. you can get the latest on earl 24-7 by going to my fox for storm conditions, watches around warnings and for the track, you can get there by going to download the app for your blackberry iphone or droid. we have a traffic alert on metro. five red line stations will be closed throughout the entire labor day weekend so that workers can make safety improvements. the national transportation safety board recommended the improvements after last year's deadly train crash on the red line. the stations closing include takoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont. they will close at 10:00 tonight and stay closed until 5:00 tomorrow morning. let's get the latest on this morning's commute from julie wright. good morning. so busy, we haven't celebrated that fact. >> memorial day weekend, a three-day weekend for a lot of folks right now.
8:07 am
the get away between noon and 6:00 p.m. the heaviest times for travel. right now we are dealing with a long-term construction project on connecticut avenue at talbert place. the roadwork is set up. if you are traveling north and southbound, you want to stay to the right to get through. we have a delay, although you can't see it because of the trees. we have a delay working through the work zone. that is connecticut avenue. all lanes are open. no problems on the top stretch of the beltway but it's slow leaving college park to georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. now to the latest on the man accused of taking hostages inside the discovery channel silver spring headquarters. >> investigators believe james lee had a vehicle but they have not found it. new information is painting a better picture of his personality. bob barnard has more. >> stay here for an
8:08 am
announcement. >> move as far away from the building as you can. >> reporter: one day after the madness and his death, we are learning that james lee was an angry loaner with a long- standing hatred for the discovery channel who was not afraid to kill his hostages. >> i'm sure it was terrifying for those three men. they were listening to what he was saying and he made it clear that he was willing to kill himself and take them with him. >> reporter: hope for lee was this house in wheaton. he was renting a back room for the past several months. >> unemotional. didn't want to interact much. it's a friendly neighborhood. people say hi, wave. didn't seem to have that interest in socializing. >> i never saw him smiling. always bitter. serious looking. >> reporter: the next-door neighbor said lee had a soft spot for squirrels but even that caused trouble.
8:09 am
>> from day one, i had a bone to pick with him. i wanted him to stop feeding the squirrels. it was a massive problem for us. >> reporter: it appears james lee moved to maryland from california simply to channel his anger about the environment directly toward discovery. montgomery state's attorney john mccarthy. >> he paid homeless people to protest with him. he would, as incentive, if you yield the loudest, he would give you a bonus of cash. >> reporter: he said what inspired lee to toss $20,000 in cash into the air in silver spring in february 2008 was something police had just told him. >> he gave a homeless man a thousand dollars for writing an essay. other homeless men found out, robbed him and hospitalized him. >> reporter: police hoped lee would react to the news by keeping his money to himself. bob barnard, fox 5 news.
8:10 am
>> for that episode, he was charged with an convicted of disorderly conduct. in 2003 he was convicted of smuggling aliens into the u.s. >> that was a federal court case in california. his neighbors in wheaton say james lee always walked to and from his home and did not drive, did not own a car, as far as they know. now, people that work at the discovery building are still shaken up. >> james lee terrorized the entire building. let's get more from audrey barnes outside of discovery headquarters this morning. good morning, audrey. >> reporter: good morning. the stand off ended with the best possible out come for employees. as they returned to get their belongings, many said it would be some time for them before things returned to normal. as is the case after traumatic situations, they did say that they are finding a renewed sense of camaraderie. staffers ushered in employees as they returned yesterday. some of them paused to hug the
8:11 am
security guards. some found that talking about what they had been through was therapeutic. >> people were like i am literally shaking. look at my hands. >> i feel comfortable coming back. i know a couple of them had to lift me up and take me downstairs. it's nice to come back. >> we are surrounding them with all the support and love of our discovery community. it will take a while. i don't think anyone is expecting the trauma of yesterday to be over any time soon. >> reporter: that was the case as employees walked back into the building for the first time after the ordeal yesterday. they said that what they need more than anything else right now, to heal, is time.
8:12 am
back to you. >> as we continue on this friday morning, the two front runners in the race for d.c. mayor debating live on fox 5 news today. >> we have the latest from the campaign trail as the race moves closer to the primary. and we are tracking hurricane earl. that is ocean city on the left. conditions are windy. outer banks of north carolina, heavy wind is battering the area. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
8:13 am
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. we have been covering hurricane earl of course but there are other things happening in weather here it's different and there is sweetness in the world today. >> let's find a bright spot out there. let's head downtown and check in with tucker barnes for a break from the storm perhaps. >> that's right. my first 5 photo of the day. we will take a break from earl. this is sophia. what a beautiful picture.
8:16 am
>> how beautiful. >> like somebody else's picture. >> not my birthday today, steve. i said this weekend. happy birthday to you, sophia. >> flash of color on her tutu. >> that's an artsy photo. >> i love it. >> what does she have on her face. >> dimples and a big smile. >> my tv needs to be cleaned. >> my monitor. thank you, sophia. great big happy birthday to you. i love your tutu. i love to have a birthday this time of year. we will talk about earl. maximum winds 105 miles per hour. there is your satellite and radar. out to the west, the cloud cover, that will cool us off for the weekend. we will be in for spectacular weather starting tomorrow. we have to get through today, first. closer look at earl racing to the northeast at 18 miles per hour. some bands associated with the eye wall of earl are starting to make their way close to the
8:17 am
lower earn shore. i would expect soon we will see heavy rain coming out of ocean city down to bethany beach and eventually a bow bass as this gets pushed off to the north and east. closer to washington, we will have a clearing trend and we will be partly sunny with highs about 90. starting to pick up at the naval air station where it's 16. we had gusts about 24 in ocean city. winds will continue to be gusty and breezy with highs around 90. gradual improvement and fantastic weekend. saturday, sunday and monday, high temperatures in the low 80s with low humidity. nice looking forecast. that does it for weather. i will have more on earl coming up. let's get to traffic and it julie wright. >> not looking bad if you are traveling in on 95 and 295 out
8:18 am
of laurel. traveling 214 at cindy lane they are checking for a crash. beltway is running smoothly at the wilson bridge. out of hyattstown a slow down to the truck scales then 270 in the clear to the lane divide. roadwork set up at connecticut avenue and calvert street. stay to the right north and southbound in order to work through the please. with it being a three-day holiday, we are anticipating the heaviest travel times between noon and 6:00 p.m. this evening. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> now to the other big stories we are following. bp engineers removed the temporary cap from the ruptured well in the gulf. no oil leaked out but skimmer ships were standing by in case. they removed the cap so the government can examine it to figure out who is to blame for the disaster. they will pump cement into the bottom of the ruptured well once the relief well is
8:19 am
finished. there is another oil rig explosion off louisiana. this has nothing to do with the bp spill. more than a dozen oil workers have to be rescued after they jumped into the water. the oil platform is in shallow water off the louisiana coast, 200 miles from the bp leak. it burst into flames last night and the coast guard put out the fire. they say there is no oil leaking but are keeping a close eye on it to see if there is any oil sheen. we have a big day ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> the two leading democrats in the primary race, mayor fenty and vincent gray will square off in another debate in our studios. holly morris is here with more on what we can expect. good morning. >> well, we can expect a lot of support on both sides because we decided to come outside of the studios at wisconsin and harrison. you can see there are supporters for both camps touting their signs, trying to get the attention of people driving in traffic, campaigning for the last votes. you can see a lot of fenty
8:20 am
signs and a lot of gray signs but you see a lot of volunteers are holding the fenty signs trying to get the message known. let's see if we can check in with a few. you probably heard the word about the polls as well, fenty is trailing gray. are you concerned about the election. >> of course. we want adrian to have a strong showing. >> reporter: why do you think he's trailing? >> no idea. i don't know why. d.c. voters. >> reporter: we have seen both came's push to get the women vote. here is a lady here. you are volunteering your time. what are your concerns about the campaign. what are you thinking? >> i think the mayor has done a fantastic job in his first term in terms of producing results for the city. i hope that voters really recognize that and help vote for fenty coming in early and
8:21 am
vote on september 14th to make sure that we have four more years to solidify the progress the city made. >> you heard her talk about the early voting. since monday at the board of elections there has been early voting open. it continues tomorrow. there will be four more sites for early voting. that will last obviously until the primary election day. a lot of people are holding fenty signs. i only found two people holding gray signs. you must have brought a lot of signs with you. i see a lot of gray signs set up. what are you thinking this morning. >> we are heading into the final stretch and we are looking for a victory here. it's not the number of signs. it's in the heart of your workers and mr. gray is amazing an army behind him for principle, not money. >> what is your biggest concern if fenty is reelected. >> we will have record unemployment in certain areas, still be stabling in a government of -- stuck in a
8:22 am
government of exclusivity instead of inclue safeness. if you read your city paper, page 6, you will see what i'm talking about. >> reporter: what are you hoping that both candidates will address at the debate. >> the economy. the economy is the biggest issue here and even with education as goes economy so goes education. with more money, be able to hire more teachers, assistant teachers. it will free up more ability to provide a better education. >> thank you. thank you very much for talking with us this morning. you heard him talk about education and different things that the mayor has done here in the city that he is concerned about. in that "washington post" poll it said a lot of people, you know, feel like the mayor has done a good job but there is this big arrogance factor that has been dominating the news. let me ask a penalty supporter, i wanted to get your comment on the fact that a lot of people
8:23 am
think mayor fenty is arrogant. >> he doesn't stroke them enough. he doesn't schmooze with them. i sent three kids to the school system and it's better now than it ever was before. >> thank you very much. we will see what they get done today with our debate. it starts at 9:00 a.m. this morning. it will last for one hour and happen live in our studios. you can watch it on channel 5 or online as we stream it live on our live team coverage of hurricane earl continues from the outer banks and ocean city. i love my curves.
8:24 am
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8:26 am
school is back in session. that means so is the high school football game of the week. this week's winner, w.t. woodson at fairfax. they received 48% of the vote. fox 5 sports team will cover the action from the cheerleaders to the sidelines to the players on the field. tune in tonight at 5:00. friday morning.
8:27 am
allison and i are going to take a short break to get ready for the mayoral debate that will take place at 9:00. >> sarah simmons will take place after the break and take you up to the top of the hour. we will have more on hurricane earl s,rc
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. i'm sarah simmons. more now on the big story, hurricane earl. it's hitting the north carolina shores hard right now. fox's craig boswell is joining us live from nags head. give me an idea how things are feeling. do you feel like it's starting to push away from you. >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you. i feel that it's about to push
8:31 am
away from us. we have a gigantic gust of wind coming in so i will hold on while i talk to you. hurricane earl grazing by nags head where we are now making the closest push to the outer banks this morning. still getting the back portion of the storm. can you imagine if this came ashore as a direct hit, even a category 2 is a the began to weaken or a category 4 as it was, we wouldn't be holding on to this deck and telling what you is going on. very good call on the local emergency officials getting cape hatteras evacuated. we are getting reports of a couple of feet of water around hat tear rouse village. flooding -- hatteras village. not a lot of power out stages.
8:32 am
we have power here which is a good thing to continue to broadcast. tropical storm force wind gusts. occasionally it will gust up to almost hurricane strength. >> craig, that area has been hit by hurricanes in the past, much more severely than this one. give me an idea. folks that live in that another may vacation down there a bit. because we are saying this is not as bad as we thought it would be, are you seeing people come out trying to get a look at the seas to see what it's like out there. >> not just yet. now we are starting to get light here. when we were getting light early, we had white out conditions with the rain and the wind blowing so hard you couldn't see very much. now that there are breaks in between these bands, i can look down and i can see there is not -- i don't see shrink also off the roof but these people that decided to stay can get out, stick their heads out the door and see if there is damage.
8:33 am
i am looking on the structures on the beach, don't see shingles off. with the winds that we have had and it's relentless this morning, there could be minor damage, not the major damage that people would be accustomed to. >> which is good. thank you for that. craig boswell live in nags head this morning. let's go to tucker barnes. he has been watching this all morning long. it's moving up to the ocean city area. tucker, give us an idea what we are experiencing now with this. >> you got it. cloud cover, a couple of sprinkles. focus on the dark yellows and reds down to ocean city. that is one of the bands associated with earl pushing back to the west. i would expect the next hour or so, ocean city will see heavy rain and gusty winds. we are not done with it yet here locally. we will have cloud cover a good part of the day and breezy
8:34 am
conditions closer to the city. let's go back to the satellite and radar. big swirl in the atmosphere. still a category 2 hurricane. strong storm pushing into colder waters. expected to weaken slowly the next 24 hours as it pushes up to cape cod then into the canadian maritime before all is said and done. let's take a look at local winds. these are gusts about 32 miles per hour. last look offshore, wind gusts 30, 40, perhaps 50 along the beaches of maryland and delaware here over the next couple of hours as the worst of the storm should pass by the noon hour. our forecast today, we have cloud cover out there now. we will see partly sunny skies. you saw the bands south and east. let's take a look at the five- day forecast. after today bright sunshine saturday, sunday, labor day
8:35 am
looks fantastic. high temperatures low to mid- 80s each day. low humidity. finally fall weather arrives in time for the weekend. sarah, i will have an update on earl in a minute. back to you upstairs. >> all right. looks good, tucker. all right. of course we are talking about hurricane earl. let's stick with that. the winds are picking up in ocean city. we are seeing rough waters. let's get a firsthand look from sherri ly. what are you experiencing now? >> reporter: sarah, the winds, they keep picking up. you can see it's getting windier. we are getting the gusts that tucker was talking about. the surf is a big problem, even though earl is expected to pass 150 miles off the shore here. take a look at things on the water. you can see there are people out here walking oned beach. the beach is not closed but they had closed the water to any type of swimming. they don't want peopling in
8:36 am
there. there is somebody down there with a small child running back and forth between the water's edge. probably not something recommended at this point in time. the water, it's low tide right now. the waters, the way the waves are coming in larger and more frequently, that water is coming up to the high tide mark. we are seeing large swells out there. that is a big, big problem. you can take a look at the over head picture to see how fast the ocean is out there and how bad the waves are. you can see we have a beach patrol vehicle coming down here momentarily trying to make sure that people stay out of trouble and out of harm's way. >> people don't take into account. they think it's manageable then they find themselves in a position it's not. that's when bad things happen definitely. >> as we talk about the winds picking up out here, we are expecting things to get worse in the next couple of hours.
8:37 am
take a look at the mast cam, you see the trees picking up. camera shaking in the wind. if you come back down to the boardwalk and the beach, you can see the beach patrol vehicle up and down the beach. we have seen that all morning long. there are people as you can see coming out here along the boardwalk. they are curious. they want to see what is going on. as conditions continue to deteriorate, they will get more dangerous. that's the latest. >> thank you, we will check in with you later. you can get the latest on earl 24-7. go to my fox for the storm conditions, watches and warnings and the hurricane's track. you can download the app for the blackberry, iphone or droid. now on a traffic note. alert on metro. we have five red line stations that will close over the labor day weekend so workers can make safety improvements. the national transportation
8:38 am
safety board recommended the improvements after the deadly train crash. the stations closing include takoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont. they will shut down at 10:00 tonight and service will resume 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. the gunman that took hostages at the discovery channel headquarters had legal problems in california. james lee was convicted in 2003 for smuggling aliens into the country. >> he was living in san diego. he defended himself in a letter to the judge saying after 36 years of life, he had absolutely nothing to show for it. lee was fatally shot by sharp shooters when he took three people hostage at the discovery building wednesday. police are investigating an overnight crash in prince george county. this was the scene on route 210 and old fort road. four off-duty officers were hurt in the accident. there were officers in both of
8:39 am
the cars involved in that wreck. one officer is in serious condition. the other three have minor injuries. no word yet on exactly what caused the crash. miami international airport is back open this morning after a bomb scare overnight. police detained a scientist after tsa screeners saw a suspicious item in the checked luggage. they say it looked like a pipe bomb. the fda is questioning the 70- year-old scientist but they are not giving any more information at this time. you know, we are about 20 minutes away from a big face off on fox 5 morning news. beginning at 9:00 a.m. the top two candidates in the mayoral primary will debate in the fox 5 studios. holly morris is live from the debate set with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. a bevy of activity. first and foremost, both of the candidates have arrived.
8:40 am
i saw chairman vincent gray walk in to the studios. he is getting prepped and then shortly thereafter mayor fenty arrived. he is getting in the debate zone so to speak and so is our staff. we are transforming the main studio into the debate set. everyone is getting geared up. that is our executive producer talking to steve chenevey. he will moderate the debate. he will keep everything in line and everyone online in terms of what the rules and regulations are. we have a panel of four there. you probably recognize all of them, allison, gurvir, paul wagner and karen gray houston. they will all ask questions. some they generated, some the viewers sent in. we thank you for senting in your questions and concerns and hopefully you can get your answers today. this is how it will play out. each candidate will get 90 seconds for an opening statement. there will be a flipping of the
8:41 am
coin. i have the coin in my hand, the actual coin that will be tossed. i think our news director will do that. i will hand that to phil. that is what will decide who gets to go first in terms of the opening statement. after that, the candidates will be over here behind their respective podiums. there will be a series of questions. each candidate gets one minute to address the question. they get 30 seconds for the rebuttal then another 30 seconds for the count erie put tall. the debate will last one hour. we will get in as many questions as we can in that hour. each candidate gets a one minute closing statement. i can tell you there is a lot of supporters on both camps outside the studios. they are still campaigning. this is a campaign that will come down to the wire. the latest poll shows fenty was trailing but nonetheless they are out there hitting the pavement and address your concerns in our studio.
8:42 am
the debate will start at 9:00. it will go until 10:00. you can watch it obviously live. we hope you join us. if you are at work, don't have access to a tv, you probably have access to a computer. we will stream it live at so there you go. that's the debate run down, the loudoun and how it will go down this morning live from our studios. back over to studio b and sarah. >> thank you. i know we have a lot of great questions lined up as well. you know what, it looks like "american idol" producers are close to inking a deal with a new judge. find out who when we come back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
it's not yet official but it looks like jennifer lopez will be the next judge on "american idol." tmz reports the pop diva has all but signed on the bottom line to seal the deal in time for the launch of season 10. the entertainment side reports the paperwork is expected to be filed next week. lopez will come on board on the
8:46 am
heels of simon cowell, ellen degeneres and kara. one of the biggest rumors of the 1960s was that paul mccartney, the cute beatle, died in a car crash. fans spent years checking album covers and songs. the rumors died down eventually but now a new documentary says the fans were right all along and that mccartney did die and was replaced by a look a like. the source, alleged beatle george harrison. you can judge when the documentary plays at a beatle's festival. joining us is the director, joel gilbert. thank you for coming in today.
8:47 am
>> thanks for having me. >> this is the thing that was interesting that stirred things up, the two audio cassettes delivered in the summer of 2005 to hollywood labeled the last testament of george harrison. talk about those tapes and how things have progressed because of that. >> we did receive two mini cassette tapes about four or five years ago from england with no return address in a broken envelope labeled the last testament of george mary son. there was -- george harrison. there was a voice just like harrison saying there was a cover up of paul mccartney's death in 1966, he died in a car accident and they covered up the death at the be heist of her majesty and they were afraid there would be a rash of suicides worldwide if paul mccartney's death was held public. they had a look a like contest through dick clark's american
8:48 am
band stand. they never announced a winner. apparently there was a winner, william campbell. the beatles announced they were no longer touring and would investigator in the studio. that continues until 1969 when the paul is dead mystery went public or worldwide. the beatles came out and denied it and broke up within six months. we have taken these tapes that have george harrison's voice on it and showed the entire film of the era chronologically and george harrison himself far rates the film. >> have you had these tapes you a then at the indicated? some -- authenticated. have you gone that step or do you believe it's him on the tapes. >> we took them to a lab and compared them to george harryson son -- harrison's voice. it's close sounding to the harrison of the '90s. he lost a little pool accent
8:49 am
and speaks slower but we think it's george harrison. if you listen to the denials of paul mccartney and the beatles over the years, they will say the hundreds of clues in the albums, lehr recollection and songs played backwards, they will say it's a mere coincidence. i can assure you it's impossible that hundreds of clues are a coincidence. either they were all in on a joke or paul mccartney is dead. >> talk about the clues for folks trying to remember back from that time. one was the black carnation that they were talking about, the photo of paul with that and how the others were wearing red carnations. talk about that. >> the clue that everyone can remember most obviously is the front cover of the sergeant pepper's lodge hearts club
8:50 am
album. it's a grave scene with the dream head acting as a gravestone and you see paul mccartney's base in yellow flowers where it says here lies paul. there is probably 100 clues on that album alone. most fascinating are the lyrics. if you look at the lyrics, they say he died at 5:00 on a wednesday morning, we had a pool of tears. if you play the songs backwards, backwards masking, you can hear them say i buried paul, turn me on dead man. paul is dead, miss him, miss him. take a look at the film. the trailer is paul really is we are streaming it for the world premier at national harbor. >> you have a screening and question-and-answer session that starts today at 2:00. >> that's correct. a big world premier event. a lot of press. 2:00 screening today and we
8:51 am
will continue to screen the film twice a day all weekend long. everyone can decide for themselves if paul mccartney really is dead. sounds fascinating. thank you so much for coming in and talking to us today. >> all right. it's a big weekend at the box office. among the new movies, the americans starring george clooney. you can go to and click on web links to check out kevin mccarthy's take on all the new flicks. if a movie is not your thing, there are other events taking place. we will begin with the labor day festival today through monday at the roosevelt center. admission is free. then sunday, the national symphony orchestra holds its labor day concert at 8:00 on the west lawn of the u.s. capital. on monday, herndon holds the labor day festival on the town
8:52 am
green from noon until 6:00. tickets to that concert cost you $8. there is a wine tasting for $15. monday gaithersburg is holding the labor day parade in old time from 1:00 until 3:00. for some more information on all the events, head over to and click on web links. we will be right back. 
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if you are looking for work, check out the job shop. the job of the day is at hdr in silver spring, maryland. they are looking for an economy there.
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if you would like more information on this job and many others, go to and click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. >> now one more check of the forecast. tucker barnes has the latest on our forecast and what is going on with earl. >> let's get to it. last look at earl. winds 100 miles per hour, gusts to 115. it begins to swirl to the north and northeast. it will bring heavy rain to the beach communities of the lower eastern shore where we saw the tropical storm warning in effect until later this afternoon then it will be out of here. we will see a gradual improvement. partly sunny skies across washington. let's go to the five-day forecast, when we get earl out of here, it will be a gorgeous weekend. high temperatures all weekend long will be much cooler with highs in the low 80s. bright sunshine and low humidity saturday, sunday and for the holiday monday. so, weather forecast gets better from here, sarah. back to you. >> all right. sounds good. thank you, tucker. >> you can also get the latest
8:57 am
on earl for yourself 24-7. go to my fox for storm conditions, watches around warnings and for the hurricane's track. you can download an april for the blackberry, iphone or droid. a few minutes away from what promises to be a heated debate on fox 5 morning news. we will turn it over to the folks in studio a for the big debate happening here in a few minutes. ban it's not back-to-school,
8:58 am
8:59 am
it's forward to what's next with an hp netbook, samsung reality, or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate.

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